The Icon Public School is known for its academic excellence and achieves a 100% pass results in Class X Board Exam every year.

2017 – 18
The Board results of our first batch of Class 10 were a matter of pride to us. The highest aggregate percentage scored was 96 % by Aastha Munot. Shagun Tiwari scored 99% in English and was awarded the merit certificate by CBSE. Om Chajed scored 98% in Hindi, Anushka Gandhi scored 99% in Math. More than the highest percentage , we are proud of this batch because the average percentage of the class was 83% and lowest percentage scored was 70% which was the reward our teachers earned for putting their heart and soul into grooming the class.

Aastha Munot
Shagun Tiwari
Om Chajed

2018 – 19
The second batch of Class 10 not only matched the benchmark set by their seniors, but also went beyond it. Suhani Poptani ranked the highest  with 96% followed by Sakshi Kinage who scored 95%. Diya Gandhi scored 99 in Hindi.


Suhani Poptani
Sakshi Kinage
Diya Gandhi

 The senior Secondary section of the school promises students to prepare them for any competitive examination in the country in addition to the designed syllabus of the classes. To fulfill this commitment, the teachers walk that extra mile and coach them after school hours so that they do not have to attend any coaching center outside school.
Studying in the invigorating atmosphere of the school, in a disciplined environment gives them focus and they can optimize their efforts under the able guidance of our highly qualified and experienced staff. This has yielded good results and a very high percentage of our very first batch of Class XII has qualified for JEE, NDA, NATA even before the board results are out. 

The first batch of Class XII passes out of school in 2020 and we are confident that all of them will make us proud.

Pratham Kankariya
NDA – 2 Batch No. 144
JEE (Main)

Pranav Lad
NDA – 2 Batch No. 144
JEE (Main)
NATA 98.56 Percentile

Shruti Korde
98.50 Percentile

Aditi Luniya
90.15 Percentile

2019 – 20
Five students from Grade 10(2019-20) have been awarded merit certificates for their outstanding performance in class 10 board examinations.
Parshwa Jain, Yash Bhalekar and Shreya Thube have in Mathematics.
Vinti Pugalia and Prapti Takle in English.
They have been recognised by the board for their outstanding academic performance and for being among the top 0.1% students across the board.
We are very proud of your achievement and wish you much success in your future endeavours. Heartiest congratulations to the parents and the teachers who mentored them.

Yash Bhalekar
Parshwa Jain
Riddhi Pitale
Shreya Thube
Prapti Takle
Vinti Pugalia