Beyond Classrooms

Education is a systematic process through which a child acquires knowledge, experience, skills and attitude. In order to provide a platform of reflective thought, each year, the teachers take them through the journey of Self Discovery.
They are consistently involved in the identification and improvement of a child’s sense of identity through “how he/she feels about himself/herself” This is crucial to success. For this, a child must acquire self-esteem, knowledge of his/her strengths and weaknesses. The student must be able to identify what is important to him/her, and what his /her abilities are.
Hence, a variety of activities are conducted to enable students to identify their interests, their likes and dislikes, and to express their views and opinions through planned activities. From art, music, dramatics to craft, creative writing etc. within the school. Students from Grade 7 onwards are encouraged to take part in various events outside the city –

It has been rightly quoted that “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Exchange is truly that, a journey of not only experiencing a new and unique culture, but also of self-discovery. It is also true that challenges, more specifically overcoming challenges, is what makes the journey so rewarding. This is experiential learning, learning by doing. The way an exchange student responds to the new cultural encounters makes all the difference in determining the experience’s value.
As we join hands with AFS India, we want to give our young Icons the opportunity to learn through experience and cultural differences that make the most rewarding of all challenges. Some differences can be easily observed – they are akin to being on the tip of the cultural iceberg; for example, an auto driver trying to double the price of my ride just because I look like a foreigner and do not quite fit the bill of being ‘Indian.’ Other differences are more difficult to grasp – they are analogous to the part of the iceberg that is hidden by deep waters; such as the collective nature of Indian relationships and family.

The Bishop’s MUN, a diplomatic simulation of the United Nations, is one of Pune’s eminent conferences for students. It is a platform for students to not only keep up with the global issues but also parallel the real world leaders and attempt to find solutions for the same. The Bishop’s MUN is an extensive learning experience that pushes students to challenge their abilities to perfect their skill set.
It is a platform that leaves students better equipped with leadership abilities and public speaking and problem solving skills that endure a lifetime, cumulated over the course of two days.

The school is known for its academic excellence and archives a 100% pass results in class 10 board exam every year

Physical education for students is provided with healthy sports and games. Capable instructors are readily made available for this. Individual performance of the students is given full attention, along with instilling in them a spirit of co-operation and sportsmanship.