Report on Inter- School Science Exhibition – 28th Feb 2024

In a display of scientific prowess, the project made by the students of The Icon Public School coveted first position at the Inter school Science Exhibition held on Science Day organized by The Army Public School, Ahmednagar.

The students presented prototype model of “ Automation in Agriculture for sustainable farming – an innovative by which farmers, plant enthusiasts ,gardeners can remotely control the environment of their plants. This can revolutionize agriculture with automated approach, thereby reducing manual labour, minimizing human error and enabling real time monitoring of crops and other conditions.

The model not only captivated the audience but also garnered praise from esteemed judges for its innovation and thorough research. The judges were particularly impressed by the meticulous approach taken by the team, highlighting the significance of their findings and the depth of their research and spent 25 to 30 minutes at each exhibit .

The triumph not only reflected the team’s dedication but also underscored the importance of fostering a spirit of scientific inquiry and exploration.

In this moment of triumph, the Director Mrs. Aradhana Rana and Principal Mrs. Dipika Nagarwalla extended their heartfelt congratulations to the victorious students. Recognizing the team’s exceptional work, they lauded the students for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry.

As the winners bask in the glory of their success, the project’s victory serves as an inspiration for aspiring scientists and underscores the role of Science Day in celebrating and recognizing outstanding contributions to the world of science.