Mrs. Aradhana Rana, Director

The fact that you are reading this means that you are one of the stake holders in education at some level, be it as an educator, parent, administrator or an aware citizen. I hope your expectations of an institution that contributes to the future of this country is met at The Icon Public School [TIPS] . The Icon Public School started as Fledglings Pre Primary School in 2005 [It still flourishes and gives us our Icons] and branched as TIPS in 2008. Slowly and steadily, it blossomed and today it spreads its fragrance in Ahmednagar and beyond,  as a Senior Secondary CBSE School,  Affiliation No. 1130616.
As the name suggests, we endeavor to produce the leaders of tomorrow. We are not satisfied and complacent with mediocre outcomes. We aspire to raise the bar in every field, each year, be it academics,  sports, arts, oratory, discipline or attitude and we ‘Strive to Achieve’.  I believe that if you want to leave imprints of your footsteps on the sands of time, you cannot drag your feet and wait for a lucky star to fall from heaven, you have to take determined steps with confidence and make your mark.
As the founder Principal of the school, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction and pride  to see the outcome of the ethos we inculcated in our students.. This happens only when you have a team with a vision that is passionately involved and dedicated to a cause. At Icon we are a team that works within the confines of their expertise but towards a common goal.   
The environment at Icon is an inspiring ecosystem of knowledge through play, exploration through a variety of activities, freedom to exchange ideas and voice opinions . We sincerely attempt to make learning joyful, meaningful, relevant, futuristic, holistic and realistic.
I believe the sweetest sounds are the excited chatter of children discussing ideas and events, the cheering chants for victorious athletes, the jingling bells from dance rooms and the melodious and sometimes even not so melodious voices from music rooms! In this free thinking environment creativity is born, confidence to face life nurtured and the spirit for life ignited.
As the custodian of our students’ dream and aspirations, we are committed to provide the most conducive nurturing environment for our students to learn, grow, strive and achieve their goals. Icons  sow the seeds of their aspirations and we work tirelessly to nurture them so that they can harvest the fruit.
In a nutshell, we believe in ‘The 8 R’s’ enumerated below, to provide an ideal learning environment.

    →Responsibility – in action, work, relationships and towards public at large

    →Relationships – at school, home, public and community

    →Respect – for environment, religions, language and cultures

    →Readiness – to learn, absorb and change

    →Reflection – spiritual, moral, social and emotional

    →Regulation – in life and thinking

    →Reward – effort and process

    →Richness – in experience, thought and action

“To become an ICON is not a CHANCE but a CHOICE.  Make it Today!”