Children see the world through a special lens. There is a purity to their imagination that at some point most adults lose. Putting a camera in the hands of a child one discovers that they see life with a very different perspective than the grownups. To see the world as a constant sense of wonder, of moments to capture and hold on to, ignites a passion for photography at Icon. The photography club at Icon helps students express themselves, widen their imagination and prepare them for a world that is full of endless possibilities. As an art form it not only helps the students record day-to-day things but also helps with memory building. The club has members who are not only students of the school, but also teachers and parents who contribute to the Icon Instagram Photography Page. There is sharing of knowledge and experience irrespective of age. The only eligibility criteria to become a member of the club is to have a passion and desire to see the world through the lens.

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