The school imbibes leadership skills as an integral part of the learning process. Adhering to the true spirit of democracy, a Student Council is elected from eligible students. Each candidate prepares a manifesto and presents it at the school assembly. After which the students from Grade 5 to Grade 12 vote for their candidates for the electing the Student Council for that academic year. The council comprises the Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain for boys and girls, House Captains for boys and girls.

The investiture ceremony is a big day for the students when the office bearers are given badges of office as they pledge their loyalty to the school. They take on their responsibilities with great pride and enthusiasm keeping in mind the ethos and vision of the school. Parents are invited to witness their proud moment. For greater vertical intermingling, the school is divided into four houses namely: Trojan, Unicorn, Phoenix and Titan. Each child is allotted a house and inter-house co-curriculum activities form an important part of the school calendar.

1Head Boy Om Chhajed 
2Head Girl Mehar Nagarwalla
3Trojan House Captain (B) Ameya Mutha
4Trojan House Captain (G)  Anushka Gandhi
5Unicorn House Captain (B) Nakul Diwani
6Unicorn House Captain (G) Siddhi Mutha
7Phoenix House Captain (B)Viraj Shah
8Phoenix House Captain (G)Isha Pitamberwala
9Titan House Captain (B)Pratham Kankariya
10Titan House Captain (G)Yadnika Kotwal
11Sports Captain (B) Rajvansh Singh Dhuppar
12Sports Captain (G)Shagun Tiwari 

1Head Boy Vishwajeet Nagawade 
2Head Girl Sakshi Kinage 
3Trojan House Captain (B) Gaurav Burhade
4Trojan House Captain (G)  Suhani Poptani
5Unicorn House Captain (B) Adip Taware
6Unicorn House Captain (G) Diya Gandhi
7Phoenix House Captain (B)Aditya Somani
8Phoenix House Captain (G)Vedah Nawale
9Titan House Captain (B)Chaitanya Shinde
10Titan House Captain (G)Riddhi Shetiya
11Sports Captain (B) Aniket Sable 
12Sports Captain (G)Vidita Dhavane

1Head Boy Uttkarsh Gupta
2Head Girl Simarjeet Kaur Shahi 
3Trojan House Captain (B) Harsh Bogawat
4Trojan House Captain (G)  Akshada Pokharne
5Unicorn House Captain (B) Naman Kankariya
6Unicorn House Captain (G) Shreya Thube
7Phoenix House Captain (B)Yash Bhalerao
8Phoenix House Captain (G)Riddhi Pitale
9Titan House Captain (B)Naman Shah
10Titan House Captain (G)Prapti Takale
11Sports Captain (B) Sudarshan Phatake
12Sports Captain (G)Sweety Lodha