The morning assemblies at Icon are as significant feature of the school curriculum. They are a means to create a positive, reflective ethos and promote value based education. They powerfully nurture the development of interpersonal intelligence. Each class, from Grade 1 to 10 takes on the responsibility to conduct the assembly for a week based on a theme identified. The students together with the class teacher explore this opportunity to showcase their special talents be it oratory, dance, music, mime, role play or dramatics. The news reader highlights the happenings around the world of the day. This is followed by an open quiz on General Knowledge and current affairs.

Wednesdays are celebrated as Accolade Days when the winners are given their due appreciation for their achievement and success in various competitions held during the week.

Special Assemblies are also conducted when a number of professionals, philanthropists and people from varied walks of life are invited to the school to address the students and staff. Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba Mass PT and Drill, March Pasts are a regular feature that help the students keep fit and healthy. 

Important days such as International Yoga Day, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Hindi Diwas, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Earth Day, Laughter Day etc are celebrated in school.