The school came into existence with a vision of creating a safe and supportive environment for its students. We believe that play is the children’s way of learning and realizing  the world around them. Our curriculum involves a range of activities and learning approaches with the children’s  right to learn through play as the center of each technique/ program.
And that is the idea behind “Fledglings” to let the children explore the world around them with ‘PLAY’.

Our early childhood educational program helps in overall development of the child. Our activities in in developing the  cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, eye hand coordination, sensory motor development, emotional development, logic and thinking skills, communication skills, language and social development. Each child is motivated to ask questions and experience the learning first hand. Through a creative approach of phonetics, we ensure are students with fluency in reading. Each alphabet is introduced to the students through visual and audio aids. We create multiple opportunities for active and participatory learning by way of field trips, projects, drama, role play and music. Educators function as second parents to every child, ensuring that their needs are met. Our primary goal is to identify hidden strengths in every child and help develop them to their full potential.