We, at The Icon Public School aim to build global citizens-ones who are amply armed with scholastic and co-scholastic skills imparted with modern technology and experiential learning.
Our goal is to ensure all our students acquire strong fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, and mature holistically to have a a strong character, high moral values, knowledge and critical competence.
The faculty of The Icon Public School firmly believes in caring, being compassionate towards their students. The foremost – we study and know our student’s strengths, interest and desires. Our educators show exemplary competence in igniting creativity, imparting traditional and cultural values, and knowledge in their students.
Every icon student is being inspired to learn and empowered to excel, thus making them confident and lifelong learners.


The Icon Public School transforms diverse group of students spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. They have the competence to see and the courage to perform. We cultivate a vibrant learning environment that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic way. Students of Icon Public School will be prepared to positively impact the world. We envision a school environment where we accomplish this preparedness by –

  1. Establishing a learning environment
  2. Working in teams.
  3. Identifying essential learning standards.
  4. Monitoring student’s progress continually.
  5. Providing interventions and enrichment for all students.
  6. Providing holistic education with academic excellence.


Our core values  form the guiding principles that will guide us through the journey towards achieving our vision and mission.

  1. Students – identifying individual differences.
  2. Raising performance of every child.
  3. Collaboration and support of every parent and teachers.
  4. Passion for excellence.
  5. Professional expertise of an educator.
  6. Integrity and trust.
  7. Ethical conduct.
  8. Sensitive social conscience.
  9. Inclusiveness and Tolerance.
  10. Creativity and Innovation.
  11. Global Mindset.


Icon is also our acronym for the values we wish to instill in our students.   
I – Integrity – the singular most important value that builds character.
C – Courage  to stand up to what is right and commitment to honour the values  instilled.
O – Optimism and open mindedness.
N – Nurturing to make our Icons the best.