We share a very effective and amiable relationship with our partners – the parents. They are a part of our regular parent teacher meetings, and open days that are held six times in the year. On PTM’s parents are invited to view their child’s work and discuss his/her progress. In addition to this, on every last working day of the month. Parents can meet  class teacher and subjects teachers by appointment. Parents and grandparents are our special guests at all regular school events. Regular communication between parents and school takes place through our beautifully designed Almanac which also carries the school’s calendar of activities for the year. Daily and instant communication is now through the electronic mode i.e. via our SmartSchoolz App which reports on every activity in the school. SMSes are promptly sent out in case of urgency. The electronic mode reduces the consumption of paper reducing our carbon footprint. Photographs and videos of various activities, competitions and events are regularly posted on our school Facebook page. Issues that need to be shared with the school are brought up at regular intervals during PTA meetings held once during each term. The Director, Principal, Staff Coordinator, teachers and staff are always available, preferably by appointment, to discuss the progress or welfare of the children under our care.