“Teachers – The Guiding light of Icon”
“What a teacher writes on the black board is imprinted in the minds of the children – forever”

Our teachers induce interest in their subjects by sharing purpose, vision and innovation in pedagogy. They have positive expectations from students and are effective classroom managers. Constantly learning and updating their own knowledge banks, they are well equipped to design innovative lessons for their students. Dissemination of knowledge is achieved through a variety of methods ranging from theatre and role play in education to excursions. The Teacher’s role is to design learning experiences that help students understand concepts and own the knowledge they construct!. Multimedia-linked smart boards, internet-based learning, subject laboratories and cross-curricular approach are common in our classrooms. But the teacher’s human touch transcends and transforms it all.

The teachers of The Icon Public School share a relationship of love and trust with the children in their care. Reward and punishment are woven into the fabric of this relationship, so that when either praise or censure is exercised, the student is conscious that it is fully deserved. Over a period of time, the pupil becomes his/her own monitor and explicit disciplining becomes less and less necessary.

Professional standards of teachers:
The teachers at The Icon Public School are constantly reinventing themselves keeping abreast with the winds of change blowing across the world.
Psychological and educational support aims to help students fulfill their developmental potential and create conditions for their active and full participation  in their school  and  their social environment.

The responsibilities of teachers include, in particular:

assessing students’ individual developmental and educational needs and psychological and physical abilities

identifying students’ strengths, predispositions, interests and aptitudes or talents

identifying reasons behind academic failures or difficulties in students’ functioning, including barriers and constraints which make it difficult for them to function and participate in  school 

taking measures which help students develop their competencies and potential in order to enhance the effectiveness of their learning process and improve their functioning