Report on Robofest – 28th Feb 2024

The Robofest conducted at The Icon Public School showcased an impressive array of technological skills and creativity. Students from grades 2- 8 participated in this thrilling event, transforming the school premises into a hub of robotic innovation.

It was amazing how this new generation took to technology! Right from Class 2 their little fingers moved so deftly on computers that introduced Robotics in school with the echoes of innovation and enthusiasm that lingered throughout the school.

The event also emphasized a dedicated section for beginner-friendly robotics projects. Students who were new to robotics showcased their creations, highlighting the accessibility and educational potential of the field.

One of the highlights were the “ Temperature and Humidity Detector. Blind man Stick , Automatic Hand Sanitizer,Smart goggles,Smart irrigation,Line following bot,Smart door lock, Clap switch, Self balancing car, Alcohol detector, Light sensor. The event not only served as a platform for showcasing technical prowess but also as a catalyst for cultivating a culture of curiosity and exploration among the students.

Robofest undoubtedly stood as a testament to The Icon Public School ‘s commitment to nurturing the next generation of technology.

Both the director Mrs. Aradhana Rana and principal Mrs. Dipika Nagarwalla extended their gratitude to the dedicated educators who guided and mentored the students, providing them with the knowledge and support needed to excel in the realm of robotics. Their words of encouragement resonated, leaving a lasting impression on the students and reinforcing the school’s commitment to excellence in STEM education.