A seminar on parenting was conducted by Dr. Shreyas Anil Surpure , a renowned pediatrician, at Anand Rishiji Hospital,Ahmednagar. Parents of Grade 1 to 4 attended this interactive session on 26th August at 12.00 pm. The seminar aimed to provide valuable insights into child growth and development, as well as address common behavior problems encountered during childhood.

Dr. Shreyas Anil Surpure emphasized the importance of understanding the various stages of child growth and development. He highlighted that each child’s journey is unique and guided by genetics, environment, and nutrition.

The pediatrician discussed the typical developmental milestones for children, from infancy to adolescence. He emphasized that these milestones should serve as general guidelines rather than strict benchmarks, as every child progresses differently.

Nutritional aspects were a significant focus, with Dr. Shreyas Anil Surpure discussing the role of a balanced diet in supporting physical and cognitive development.

Addressing behavioral challenges, he shed light on common behavior problems exhibited by children. These included too much screen time, tantrums, defiance, sibling rivalry, and attention-seeking behaviors.

He provided guidance on understanding the underlying reasons behind such behaviors, often tied to emotional or developmental factors. He stressed the importance of open communication and active listening to comprehend the child’s perspective.

Our honorable Principal Mrs.Dipika Nagarwalla highlighted the significance of patience and empathetic parenting.
Strategies for managing behavior problems were shared by her, including positive reinforcement, consistent discipline, and setting clear boundaries.

The seminar included an interactive session where parents had the opportunity to ask questions and seek personalized advice from Dr. Shreyas Anil Surpure .
Participants gained insights into effective communication techniques that encourage a strong parent-child bond. Mrs. Dipika Nagarwalla underscored the importance of being a role model for children in terms of behavior and communication.

Parents left the seminar with a deeper understanding of child growth and behavior, armed with practical strategies to navigate challenges in parenting. They gained valuable insights to foster a supportive and nurturing environment for their children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.